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With a long-term view and an entrepreneurial culture,the business concept of Fonto Real Estate is to invest in, own, develop and advise on the future of real estate.


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Real Estate Asset Management

​Fonto Real Estate believes creating value of real estate project not just via injecting capital and bringing relationship, we focus on KNOWLEDGE. We view real estate management in a broader perspective and we strike to re-define the meaning of “ real estate”, no matter it is named, traditionally, as residential, commercial real estate or industrial properties. We identify and put together solution to meet our client’s needs and tackles challenges which they are facing. Our team are experienced chartered surveyors who took full responsibility from start to finish. Our tactics is not just advise, but also invest with our clients and grow together.


Fonto Real Estate has long been providing professional services including valuation and strategic analysis during property transaction. Unlike traditional valuer, we work together with data mining experts, macro economists and other specialists we have in our network, to develop the market’s most substantiated short- and long-term forecasts for our valuation throughout the whole property investment cycle.


The agency team of Fonto Real Estate assist our clients, from private person, family funds, professional property investor to listed companies and international pension funds to source property investment opportunities, and offers advisory services to property owners and investors about the acquisition or sale of individual properties or portfolios.

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